The word podcast can either be a reference to any audio file or a channel that hosts a group of audio files. For the sake of being clear, let’s call the audio files “episodes” and the channels “podcasts” or “show.” With a similar format to the radio, podcasts house a collection of audio files that can be specific to one topic (ie. crime, storytelling, and cooking) or all different topics (ie. interviews, rants, and the news). But the beauty of all podcasts is the ability to share voices with the whole world. 



With this guide, anyone with access to a phone that can download apps or a computer with a microphone and sound editing software. For the software, we recommend Garageband on Mac computers and Audacity on Windows computers. 



Podcasts come in all different lengths. Some are less than 5 minutes, while others are more than 2 hours! It all depends on your story and purpose. But it’s all up to you!



Before moving on to the next topic, we STRONGLY recommend listening to these 3 podcasts.


  1. How my Town found the Universe (Storytelling)


  2. A Bump in the Night (Crime)


  3.  Why The Price of Coke Didn't Change For 70 Years (Economy)